Why Intern With Us?

The National Coastal Agency offers internship opportunities in a variety of areas. Interns can work in ecotourism, conservation policy, environmental policy, environmental education, sustainable development, etc. We create individualized internship programs based on the interests and needs of the interns. We seek interns that are passionate, ambitious and willing to work independently as well as in groups, because a lot of the work will be self-guided. We work closely with potential interns to create an internship program satisfies the interests and needs of the interns, as well as one that helps the agency in our mission to improve the coastlines of Albania and increase sustainable tourism.

Unlike conventional internships, the National Coastal Agency internship program allows you to explore projects of your own interest in collaboration with the agency. We offer an opportunity for you to contribute your innovative skills to an agency that is constantly growing. This is a unique opportunity to work in a developing country, and in turn, also help develop the direction of the agency in your own way.

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