Nora | My Work | 28/6/17

Miresevini to my first blog post, and mirupafshim to my time in Tirana! Welcome to my first blog post, and goodbye to my time in Tirana.

Yes, that’s right; it’s nearing the end of my last week as an intern with the National Coastal Agency, and this is just the first post I’ve written. To clarify, we just managed to get this page back up and running, just in time for me to hop on a plane back to Detroit and say goodbye to Tirana.

I have been in Albania for 6.5 weeks now, and I have traveled all over the southern part of the country and I know almost too much about trash. My project with the NCA is to develop and implement an adequate waste management system for the village of Nivicë in southern Albania, as the NCA is in the middle of developing the village for sustainable tourism. But you can’t have tourists coming into a village and seeing trash scattered all over the otherwise idyllic mountainside. Hence my work.

I’ve Googled a lot and read a lot of articles, and my mind has expanded exponentially with information about rural waste management, environmental effects of waste dumping, and how to compost. It’s very interesting; I’m passionate about the health of the environment, and my project is relevant to keeping our planet healthy for generations to come. Now, at the end of my internship, I have an 18-page project proposal and a PowerPoint presentation to show for my time here, and I would say that my seven weeks with the NCA have not been for naught.

The best part about my work, however, is the fact that I don’t have to do it in an office, and I don’t. Instead, my boss, Auron, head of the agency, has taken me from the city to the coast, to the mountains, to the rivers and valleys in between. I am not an office girl, and I don’t like sitting at my computer for hours every day. I didn’t know what to expect from my internship when I got here, and now, looking back at my time here, I am more than happy with my experience traveling Albania — for work! — from the eyes of a local.

A few pictures:


Theater in Butrint National Park


Skanderbeg Square at sunset


Bora in the mountains of Nivicë


View from a mosque in southern Albania


Private beach in Saranda


Sunset view from the mountains in Saranda


Adriatic Sea in Dhermi


On the road to Dhermi


Beach in Orikum

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